Scariest Meeting Moments: PGi Employee Edition

We’ve all been on a conference call or virtual meeting when someone or something just seemed out of place – a line left off mute or a video stream that presented a “unique” situation. With Halloween right around the corner, we asked our PGi team members to share some of the scariest, funniest and most awkward meeting moments from this year. Here’s a look at some of our favorites:

Samantha Stanley, Senior Account Manager (Toronto)

“I was on an internal company conference call with departments to review new pricing and legal requirements. One of the individuals on the call chimed in but forgot to put himself back on mute… All of a sudden, we heard the doorbell ring and dogs barking.

Then our colleague yelled, ‘Honey can you answer the door? I don’t have any clothes on!’

Needless to say, everyone broke out laughing.”

That is a hilarious and shocking experience. We’re not sure if anyone could have kept their composure through that.

Jason Hurst, Account Manager (Pasadena, Ca.)

“I had set an iMeet Central demo with a prospective client in the security software space. We finally got their team of five decision makers and evaluators into the room, and everything was coming together. Five minutes into my introduction, the fire alarm in our building went off! Flashing lights, elevator door guards slamming down, safety officers knocking on demo room doors. We thought this was the real deal, so down the stairs we went. Turns out it was a scheduled fire drill. Employees weren’t supposed to know so the building could get an estimate for how long it takes to evacuate.”

Whew! Glad it was just a drill, Jason. Next time, as you’re leaving the building, take the demo with you on your mobile device – if it’s just a drill, of course.

Sara Pilling, VP Communications (Atlanta)

“I’d been working on a tight deadline and had been trying to get in touch with my co-worker “John” for hours. I’d needed his input to complete an assignment. Finally, I decided to reach out to my other co-worker “Ellen” via chat to see if she knew where John had been all morning. I was in such a hurry that I failed to notice her presence light on chat was red.

I quickly typed ‘Where is John?! I’ve been trying to get in touch with him all morning!’

I never heard back. Instead, Ellen came by my office later to tell me that my IM had popped up on her screen while she was not only in a meeting, but also screen-sharing with her entire team – including John. Ooops!”

Moral of the story? Check the presence status of your co-workers before sending a message and be sure to ask if someone can IM freely before jumping into a heated conversation.

Jason Cooper, Marketing Technology Manager (Atlanta)

“It was a normal day like any other. I came to work, prepped for the day ahead of me and started plugging away like usual. I was super focused because I was trying to knock out an assignment that was due later that day. I was so involved in my work that I hadn’t even looked at my email or phone. So, after a few hours, I glanced at my phone to check the time and realized I had several missed calls from one of my customers. I called back immediately to make sure nothing was wrong. But, something was wrong. My customer had called nearly half a dozen times trying to get in touch with me.

‘Where are you?’ he’d barked over the phone. ‘You were supposed to be here an hour ago!’

A wave of dread rushed over me. I’d completely forgotten that I’d scheduled an in-person presentation with my customer that day! I was so embarrassed and raced out the office to meet up with my client and his team. They were all nice about it, but he never let me live it down.”

Looks like Jason could have used a nifty calendar and meeting app to help him keep his appointments in order!

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