Analyst Insights: Selecting a Collaboration Provider (Part Two)

The pressure is mounting on IT professionals to either roll-out a high-performing communications portfolio or face the consequences. In fact, employees attribute 86 percent of workplace failures due to a lack of collaboration. That means enterprises lose money when their communications are not successful. The issues, in most cases, stems from organizations not understanding what success looks like in a communications and collaboration environment and not keeping up with the latest technology trends. Selecting communication tools can often be complex and time consuming, but taking the necessary time to embrace the best process for your needs will be well worth it.

In our recent sit-down with Wainhouse Analyst, Bill Haskins, he discusses what to look for when selecting a collaboration provider. Bill mentions the importance of understanding your industry first, before deciding on collaboration products. What are IT professionals saying? What are driving conversations? According to Bill, there are a few topics that stand out from the rest, today – security and quality.

Security is more important now than ever in the collaboration world. In fact, cybercrime climbs to the second most reported economic crime affecting 32 percent of organizations today. With so much information being shared online between individuals and companies, the security of this exchanged data is paramount. Particularly for communication platforms, protecting daily conversations and meetings from unwanted participants and virus threats should be top of mind for IT professionals.

The next must-have feature when selecting a collaboration provider is quality as it’s the foundation of any good enterprise communications platform. Without high-definition (HD), wide-band and crystal-clear audio, companies can easily fall behind the modern communication curve. Before selecting a solution, IT must test the product’s quality and ask questions as it relates to industry trends. Is broadband an issue? What steps are taken to insure sound is always clear?

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