Collaboration Tools to Close Out a Strong Q4

For many companies, November and December mean a close to the fiscal or calendar year. These final months of the year will determine whether an organization’s goals were met and if they made progress from the previous year. Also, this gives organizations a chance to begin thinking about plans for the upcoming year. Further, the holidays can be known for decreasing employee productivity and attention. In fact, studies show that 69 percent of employees today are stressed with a “lack of time” feeling around the holidays. Thankfully, PGi’s suite of killer collaboration products will help you get more done as you close out Q4.

Large Event Expertise

PGi’s webcasting solutions are there to help you deliver messages via large-scale meetings. Meaning, as the year ends, this solution is great to utilize to get the word out to employees and still have awesome engagement and feedback (often used in close-out and new-year planning calls).

Also, adding our operator-assisted functionality on webcasting is a much-needed bonus for company town hall and investor relations calls. This added help gives you a chance to bring a professional look and feel to deliver seamless presentations with high-quality video. Research shows that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. So, consider using webcasting as an alternate form of communication as you close out the year to increase the quality of the message delivered.

Microsoft Everywhere

Many organizations use Microsoft for email or chat functionality and others leverage Skype for Business (Skype) as their go-to platform for instant messaging (IM). For employees who are working remotely or can’t find a time to meet throughout their busy schedules, PGi can help optimize the Skype experience and make it easy for users to go from IM to an audio conference instantly, which cuts down on scheduling and downtime to get more done.

Also, end-of-year is the perfect time to assess your Skype journey and understand what added tools are available to help extend the life of your investment. These enhancements for Skype can improve implementation, audio, support and improve the overall health of your Skype environment.

High Definition GlobalMeet Audio

No matter the number of communication tools your enterprise uses, nothing can get done without crystal-clear audio. Due to the increased level of employees working from home and the need to communicate to many different teams in dispersed locations, stable, clear audio remains mission critical for enterprises today.

But don’t sacrifice quality and productivity because you are working remotely. No matter where you work, keep your meetings simple and clear with HD audio to promote productivity at work.

With the right mindset and collaboration strategy, Q4 could be your strongest quarter.

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