Going Mobile is the Future of the Workplace

In order to succeed in today’s world, businesses must prepare for a sophisticated and modern approach to productivity, collaboration and communications through mobile enablement. According to a recent study, 90 percent of IT decision makers say that mobility is critical to business growth and fuels productivity, customer engagement and competitiveness. Cell phones seem to be attached to our hands now more than ever and employees are centering their workflows around their mobile devices and apps as a result. Additionally, the escalated need for these tools comes from the modern digital worker, who is consistently working remotely.

To better understand this movement, we’ll highlight the affects mobility has on the modern workplace, as well as discuss how this shift can improve overall cloud collaboration strategies as a result.

Future of Mobility in the Workplace

Employers and employees around the world are adapting to and benefiting from mobility in the workplace. In fact, the global enterprise mobility market is expected to grow to over $201B by 2020, creating a new standard in the industry. PGi saw a similar trend this year with 36 percent of users joining our conference calls via mobile – a number which we expect will surpass 50 percent by 2020.

Furthermore, a Forbes report also found that nearly half of all workers feel they are more productive when they can utilize their mobile device. End-users can leverage custom applications, mobile solutions, organizational tools and cloud services via mobile devices to increase productivity from outside the office. These helpful tools make information remotely accessible with the added bonus of increasing employee’s work-life balance.

Mobility and the Cloud

As the mobile market continues to increase, the same can be said for cloud technologies. The market shift towards the cloud is expected to eclipse $1T within the next year, showing that both mobility and cloud solutions go hand-in-hand.

As a result, companies are shifting to improve employee workflow by offering end-to-end cloud communication solutions. Employees can access most major collaboration tools including, IM/presence, audio and video conference and, even calling. This push to the cloud enables mobile users to get the same work done from any location while providing them efficient communications solutions.

As mobility continues to grow, it will be important for enterprises to foster an environment of efficiency and growth to meet the needs of each employee. By investing time and energy into different workflows, companies can reap the benefits of productive, happy employees.

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