PGi Increases Webcast Streaming Powers with Hive

We’re excited about our new reseller agreement with Hive Streaming, a leader in enterprise video distribution solutions, to continue to deliver a high-quality, analytics-supported webcast streaming experience for customers.

In our checklist, “Maximizing Broadband While Running HD Video in the Workplace”, we explored the effects of streaming HD video in the workplace and how many enterprises today run into bandwidth problems when hosting a webcast with large audiences. By bundling and integrating Hive Streaming with iMeetLive, PGi’s webcast customers can now easily deploy a higher quality webcast streaming experience. Additionally, users can also receive real-time performance analysis solutions, delivered via HTML5, without crippling a company’s network during large video events.

The Market for Streaming

A recent study found that in 2018, over 75 percent of workers in large organizations will interact with video more than three times throughout their day. Utilizing video to stream webcasts is a wonderful way to engage audiences. Our integration with Hive insures iMeetLive customers can capitalize on streaming video more frequently, while not having the broadband and reporting issues that typically come with large events.

The New Features

With this new update, Hive extends the reach of customer networks with one stream per network site/office, combined with its advanced congestion control capabilities to enable an exceptional, quality experience. Additionally, enhancements to testing and monitoring can now be utilized before the event, with Hive Silent Testing, and in real-time, which examines the health and impact of each individual streaming experience. Lastly, new improvements to reporting show detailed streaming performance analytics, as well as in-depth individual viewer experience report, including player events, buffer behavior and errors.

As a global webcast service leader, PGi understands that their iMeetLive webcast solutions are critical to the dissemination of important stakeholder news and company updates for enterprise customers. Hive’s integrated webcast and enterprise content delivery network solution makes it easy for companies to seamlessly deliver video webcast events. Their software-based platform, with robust reporting tools, maximizes iMeetLive’s capabilities and minimizes network impact to increase the quality of streaming video in the workplace.

On December 5, the PGi and Hive teams will be hosting a webinar with Wainhouse Analyst, Steve Vonder Haar, discussing the role of networking in corporate video. Sign up to learn more about how our strategic integration can benefit your enterprise today.

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