What is Calm Technology and How Can it Help in Communications?

The main goal of any meeting should be one where people can collaborate and communicate effectively without disruption. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In fact, studies estimate that over $37B is wasted every year in unproductive meetings.

There are a number of different reasons why these meetings fail, and using conferencing platforms to connect with disparate employees can be one. This form of communication is essential for businesses today, especially since there has been a push for remote/mobile work in recent years. However, providers can often become susceptible to problems such as dropped calls, fuzzy audio, faulty document sharing and the awkward times when you’re not sure who’s talking.

In order for companies to promote healthy, productive meetings from any location on any device, they must make it a point to spot and invest in calm technology.

Calm technology highlights the interaction between technology and its user and is designed to occur in the user’s periphery rather than at the center of attention. Simply put, this technology is designed to eliminate distractions. Also, calm technology reduces the “excitement” of information overload by letting the user select what information is at the center of their attention and what information is peripheral.

For PGi, a “calm” communications portfolio means we are providing easy-to-use software that puts content and conversation at the top of our priority list while making joining and connecting effortless on our attendees. With noise canceling, HD audio, and with several connection options like VoIP or toll-free/dial-in numbers, PGi provides meeting participants with conversations that are crystal-clear and effortless to join. Furthermore, we implement active, calm features in our video conferencing that provide valuable insight, yet aren’t at the spotlight of the meeting – a color that appears over the person speaking or a red light to ensure the meeting is being recorded. These are just a few helpful examples of how calm technology shapes our collaboration platforms for the better.

Too often technology, when faulty, can lead to distractions in our daily meetings. Request a free demo today, and see how our calm technology makes meetings effortless and effective.

About Luke M.

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