GlobalMeet for Skype Server

PGi is happy to announce that its enterprise-leading GlobalMeet conferencing solution can now integrate directly with all versions of Skype for Business (Skype) Server and Lync Server 2013. As an expert in automated audio conferencing, PGi helps enterprises using Skype to provide a single, unified user experience over our expansive, world-class global audio network. Traditionally, GlobalMeet has integrated with Skype via voice over the internet protocol (VOIP) or via a public switched telephone system (PSTN), allowing users to dial-in/dial-out on calls. However, quality was often limited when participants joined conferences with multiple different audio connections within their Skype meeting rooms.

With this new update, GlobalMeet seamlessly integrates with your Skype Server environment to provide superior audio global coverage and a consistent user experience for all meetings. Participants are given the choice of the communication method they prefer, either VoIP or PSTN, and can instantly join the meeting with all connections.

Key Benefits

Skype was initially created as a consumer video app, purchased by Microsoft in 2011, and is now focused on business communications. It’s an easy-to-use platform; however, due to the vast number of users, quality and effectiveness can become inadequate.

With GlobalMeet, users now receive a unified user experience with flexible voice connection options for seamless and effortless collaboration. Key benefits include:

  • 24/7 Global Customer Support: Industry-leading global support with access to local language representatives
  • Unified User Experience: A consistent user interface with the native Skype Meeting controls and flexible connection options
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Reduces conferencing costs by leveraging PGi’s advanced call routing, meshed network and global buying power
  • Instant Global Access: Access to 160+ dial-in locations worldwide across 60 countries from more than 80 carriers
  • Eliminates the Customer Burden: Provides end-to-end operational monitoring and management with built-in fraud protection and eliminates the customer’s responsibility of managing global network and audio carriers

Improved User Experience

Studies show that US businesses lose over $37B in wasted or unproductive meetings each year. So, when companies today are hosting meetings online and through tools such as Skype, ease of use and efficiency are key to maintaining worker productivity.

That’s why PGi’s main goal is to improve the end-user experience. By providing a consistent experience using the native Skype meeting controls to mute, hold, manage volume and more, users can easily continue to host and join audio and video meetings without interruption. With high-quality, crystal-clear audio quality and expansive global coverage, participants can connect from all over the world with the highest quality hybrid audio conferencing.  And scheduling and joining a meeting is no longer a complicated process. Hosts simply click “New Skype Meeting” and the conferencing details automatically populate on the invitation. From there, the meeting room prompts participants to join with their preferred connection – VOIP or “Call Me at” via PSTN. This improved user functionality takes away the distraction and confusion of joining Skype meetings and enables users to be more productive with their daily conversations.

As Skype continues to be a premier communication tool for businesses today, PGi will continue to expand its integration and functionality within Skype to improve the user experience. To learn more about our relationship with Skype, visit our product page and request a free demo.

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