How to Maximize Your Skype for Business Investment

With over 50 billion minutes of traffic each month, it’s no secret that Skype for Business (Skype) is frequently used by enterprises to solve day-to-day instant messaging and communication needs. No matter which communication or collaboration system you use, for many IT professionals extracting the most value out of your investments is a difficult job. We recently caught up with one of our sales directors, Andrew Bisset, on how he is working with customers to formulate a plan to optimize and maximize their Skype investment.

According to Bissett, there are several ways to improve Skype’s impact and usage within an organization, from implementation and user adoption training to improving audio quality and service and support.

Any company that is on a Skype journey, no matter the size or industry, should look at the “small wins” approach and gradually build more and more features to ultimately drive the highest quality of collaboration. Bissett recommends implementing and testing piece-by-piece these add-on solutions so that you can focus solely on user adoption. This process ensures users and IT professionals aren’t bombarded with a plethora of tools and upgrades all at once, which leads to better collaboration and user growth.

PGi, and its subsidiary, Modality Systems, are dedicated to improving the Skype experience and offering a complete service-wrapped solution for collaboration built around solving the implementation, support, development and user adoption needs that many enterprise Skype users face. Further, PGi’s GlobalMeet audio solution integrates with Skype via VoIP, dial-in and toll-free options to ensure crystal-clear communication. These award-winning, add-on solutions are easily integrated within your Skype environment and are designed to be rolled-out at any point to help optimize your Skype journey.

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