Technology Resolutions for 2018

As the final few weeks of 2017 approach, we find ourselves in the tricky conundrum of trying to finish the year strong while simultaneously planning ahead for the upcoming year. As a result, the December month places an extraordinary amount of pressure on technology leaders. Although it’s easy to get consumed with year-ending projects, it is extremely important to ensure that objectives and goals are in place for 2018.

As technology continues to be the forefront of what’s driving enterprises today, leaders don’t have time to let industry trends slip away. To help businesses plan ahead and keep pace with the competition, we’ve put together a list of the top three resolutions your business should consider for 2018.

Implementing Business Continuity Plans

If 2017 has taught us anything, it’s that natural disasters and unplanned events can impact enterprises at a moment’s notice. In a recent blog, we explored just how important it is to proactively develop a plan that implements ways to keep your business thriving while putting employee safety first, should a disaster occur. Utilizing and updating your own business continuity plan ensures that your teams can work efficiently away from the office, effectively navigate power outages and can proactively think ahead to minimize downtime.

Improving Mobility

It’s always a good call to refresh the remote work policies and take a look at how your teams are continually evolving in collaboration. It’s estimated that more than 72 percent of the workforce will be mobile, either working from home or using a BYOD approach, by 2020, so it makes sense to implement solutions that continue to make flexible work and communication easy.

Furthermore, keeping your employees engaged and efficient from any device promotes a healthy work environment. Updating mobile workflows, encouraging your employees to periodically work at home and staying up-to-date on collaboration technology can promote happier employees with improved work-life balance.

Remove Unwanted/Unused Technology

Any technology that absorbs more time and resources than the value it creates is a waste. In fact, a recent study showed that in the U.K. and U.S. over $34B is wasted each year in unused technology. Companies can often roll out technologies without taking the necessary steps to train users and implement the software to coincide with company culture. Instead, this technology can idly sit around, costing companies a fortune.

For the new year, look at your usage and health of your digital work environment. If technology doesn’t work, doesn’t line up with culture and doesn’t integrate well within your environment, then replace it!

Technology is mission critical to every business in every industry, and having a dedication to tech-based goals will help drive your success in the year to come. Let us know some of your technology resolutions for 2018 via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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