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3 Reasons to Implement Live Video Streaming

A vibrant and effective tool, video is the future of efficient and cost-effective company-wide communication. Here are a few reasons to consider implementing live video streaming in your office:

1. Enhance Internal Communication

You give your external audiences the five-star experience, but you can’t forget to treat your employees with the same spirited attention. They’re your biggest brand ambassadors, which means their trust and loyalty are priceless. Transparent, honest and frequent communication is critical for keeping employees engaged. Video is among the best tools for fostering this engagement, creating a far more intimate connection with leadership.

There’s even promising data to support video’s ability to enhance internal communication: Of the 2,004 executives surveyed by Wainhouse Research last year, more than 90 percent of them felt streaming video was more engaging and impactful than conference calls and emails as a business communication tool.

2. Improve Remote Connections and Collaboration

Video enables meetings and company events to be available on demand. That gives remote employees the opportunity to “attend” events and meetings in real time, keeping them involved in the same interactions as employees who work in the office. This is also beneficial for companies with multiple offices, allowing employees in different locations to easily connect via video.

3. Engage Younger Employees

As products of the digital era, your youngest employees are more than comfortable with video. That means they’re likely to respond positively to the immediacy, authenticity and transparency of video communication and collaboration. These video solutions may also be an important factor for appealing to new hires.

Are you Still Worried about Pressing Play?

Even with such a positive impact, many companies are hesitant to adopt video solutions. Executives worry about the cost, bandwidth and management tools necessary to distribute live video, especially if it has potential to overwhelm or compromise the network.

That’s where the partnership between TalkPoint and Hive Streaming enters the playing field. TalkPoint’s live video streaming solution is entirely browser-based, which means users don’t have to download anything in order to access the video. Plus, companies can stream high-quality video webcasts using existing video-conferencing units, webcams or phones, eliminating any additional capital investment. Add Hive Streaming to the mix and peer-to-peer based technology allows users within the same network to view the same stream. That means instead of thousands of streams entering the corporate network, it’s only one. Problem¬†solved!

To learn more about the benefits of TalkPoint with Hive Streaming video solutions, download our white paper: Live Video Streaming Without Straining the Corporate Network.

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