The Power of Stellar UI and UX for Team Collaboration

The Power of Stellar UI and UX for Team Collaboration

Join the video call, exchange pleasantries, get to work. Easy, right? Yes – but only if the video conferencing platform has the stellar user interface and user experience to support such real-time connections and seamless collaborations. With relevant features presented through simple, intuitive UI and UX design, employees and clients can collaborate without any cases of “How do I join?” or “Can you hear me?” Instead, meetings will be underway without any unproductive stalling.

With that said, here’s why UI and UX are such important elements of employee satisfaction and productivity:

Starting with Introductions

While often used interchangeably, UI and UX are separate entities. While user interface encompasses all of the visual elements of digital platforms, user experience refers to the actual logistics of using the platform. UI is the buttons and icons and UX makes sure clicking on those elements successfully takes users to the next page. The two work hand-in-hand to ensure your employees can navigate video and web conferencing platforms with ease, making their daily meetings smooth operations rather than ones consistently stalled by technical glitches or confusion.

Avoiding Complications

When it comes to virtual meetings, poor UI and UX often means wasted time, hindered productivity and increased communication gaps. Video participants are left frustrated and well behind schedule – and IT teams end up overwhelmed with questions, complaints and confusions. As such, a well-designed platform with features that are easy to find and use can bring productivity back to these video meetings. Added to that, IT teams can resume focusing their attentions on more pressing, complex matters.

Enhancing Brand Representation

The beautiful branded aesthetic of UI not only makes for a visually appealing experience, but also functions for professional representation during meetings. This design further impacts employee adoption and satisfaction with companywide introductions of video and web conferencing tools. Users will look for familiarity in the technology, relying on their experiences with other apps and programs to guide their understanding of the new platform. Therefore, elements like emojis, messaging windows and animations often resonate well – and make the meetings more personal and enjoyable.

Investing in Better Results

When you’re in the market for a new video and web conferencing tool, consider UI and UX when making your decision. Coupled with relevant features and capabilities, stellar UI and UX addresses the wants and needs of employees and supports seamless productivity with intuitive design. GlobalMeet can do just that, as the superior collaboration tool your team will love using. Request a free trial to experience GlobalMeet UI and UX today.

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