3 Effective Ways to Utilize Webinars

How can you seamlessly connect with customers and investors that span continents and time zones all at once? Take advantage of webinar software. To make sure you’re using this online communication tool effectively, here are the top business scenarios that lend themselves to using webinars:

1. Sales and Marketing

Webinars allow sales and marketing teams to target prospects and consumers with relevant content, while simultaneously offering the registration and reporting tools that lead to better conversion rates. In fact, when it comes to generating high-quality leads, 73 percent of sales and marketing leaders say hosting webinars is one of the most effective ways to find success, according to research from Frost & Sullivan.

Webinars are the ideal tool for sales and marketing events such as:

  • Wide-scale product or service demos
  • Prospect analytics
  • Internal meetings, trainings and campaign overviews
  • Marketing and sales alignment meetings

2. Human Resources

When you need to communicate with employees en masse, webinars can connect all of your teams, even if they’re spread out across locations. That’s why smart business leaders utilize webinars for large-scale corporate communications and company meetings. These web events may include:

  • Mass employee training sessions
  • Continuing or additional education
  • Open enrollment updates
  • Company-wide updates and announcements

3. Investor Relations

While web conferencing tools offer more intimacy for private one-on-one meetings with important stakeholders, webinars allow for investor communication at a larger scale. Plus, webinar tools let you customize branding and messaging, conduct Q&A sessions with pre-reviewed questions and feel confident with dedicated tech support, making sure you impress investors from beginning to end. These investor relations online events may include:

  • Analyst, media and stakeholder announcements
  • Investor meetings and presentations
  • Earnings and stakeholder calls
  • Internal and external company news updates

Are You Using the Right Webinar Platform?

Along with utilizing webinars as a tool for the right business scenarios, you’ll want to make sure your software has the capabilities that allow for such savvy webinar use. The most sophisticated webinar software offers features, such as:

  • Integrated video for enhanced engagement
  • Built-in polls, surveys, links and attachments for participant interaction
  • Custom registration pages for scheduling and data reporting
  • Automated invites, alerts and follow-up messages for continued engagement
  • Social media integration for webinar promotion and data collection

In some cases, web conferencing may be a better tool for your needs, so make sure you understand the difference between the two technologies. When webinars are the best choice, look for software that offers a multitude of capabilities, allowing you to make the most of the video communication tool. Schedule a customized demonstration to see how PGi webcast and webinar solutions can empower you to host your most compelling and effective webinars to date.

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