What Features Do Users Want From Their UC&C Providers?

Enterprises that seek improved collaboration and communication are increasingly utilizing UC&C providers. According to a study by Gartner, global spending on UC&C will reach $44.2 billion in 2021. As employers continue to implement unified communications software in the workplace, providers need to meet rising customer expectations.

When selecting a unified communications and collaboration tool for their enterprises, organization leaders seek providers that can meet their corporate collaboration needs. Some of the most prominent features businesses look for in their UC&C providers include:


If UC&C platforms are difficult to navigate for employees who lack technical expertise, workers may be hesitant to use them. When organizations incorporate a new unified communications solution, they want their staff to be enthusiastic to adopt these programs in their day-to-day work. Therefore, they typically seek services with tools that are inclusive to employees of all skill levels.


One of the main components users want from their UC&C providers is the ability to increase their productivity levels. By providing a platform that allows employees to complete their work faster and get answers they need right away, organizations can provide higher efficiency levels and greater ease for their staff.


When collaborative tools crash, enterprises can experience downtime and miss out on crucial business opportunities. With a reliable UC&C service, providers are constantly working to keep the system functioning properly, reducing the likelihood of complications. In the instance employees are unable to access this technology, they want a helpful customer service staff to assist them in an efficient, orderly manner.


Users want UC&C services that make the most sense for their work styles and environments. As U.S. companies are offering increased flexibility for remote workers, it’s important that they have strong collaboration tools to ensure that all employees are able to complete their best work, whether they work in the office or remotely. A convenient collaboration tool can allow employees to communicate in real time as often as they’d like.


Many organizations prioritize security in their business infrastructure. According to Thales Security, 67 percent of global enterprises have experienced a data breach. As hackers are understanding the worth of breaching powerful enterprises, having a secure UC&C system is more important than ever. Many of the best UC&C providers have solid security channels and have action plans in place to protect consumer data in case the system is breached.

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