Top 5 Webcasting Techniques to Take your Presentation to the Next Level

Engaging your audience is extremely important when hosting a webcast. It doesn’t matter if you’re webcasting a town hall meeting, high-profile marketing event, or an investor relations meeting, if your audience isn’t with you then your whole message falls flat. Here are 5 tips that can help you transform your webcast and take your presentation to the next level.

Tip 1: Make a Good First Impression

Start your webcast off right from the moment your attendees register. By branding your registration pages and emails, you can control the experience your attendees receive. Provide an elevated level of trust in your company with a branded experience from start to finish.

Tip 2: Create a Hook

When hosting a webcast, storytelling skills are crucial to keep your audience interested. Within the first ten minutes of your webcast, you should introduce a hook to ensure your audience is not only with you but will be engaged throughout your presentation.

Tip 3: Poll Your Audience

You worked hard to get your attendees registered for your webcast, so don’t risk them multi-tasking or worse, leaving your presentation early. Keep your audience engaged throughout your webcast with interactive questions and polling. This is a great way to not only keep your audience engaged but also make sure that content is relevant to them.

Tip 4: Go Social

Social media plays an important role in business today, so why not have attendees engage in these channels during your presentation? With an integrated social feed, you make the conversation social – where your attendees are not only comfortable but also more likely to interact. Broaden your scope and reach by taking advantage of integrated social feeds and become an expert in your field on social media.

Tip 5: Keep the Conversation Going

After your webcast is over, now what? Don’t leave your attendees high and dry. With integrations into you customer relationship management (CRM) systems or other marketing tools like Eloqua and Pardot, you can better manage these attendees, so that you can keep the conversation going.

Bonus Tip: Live Screen Sharing and Videos

If you’re launching a new product or offering staff training, use a webcasting solution that offers the ability to feature a recorded video or gives the flexibility to live screen share. This is a great way to make sure your event is clear, concise and delivers a robust experience for your audience.

If you’re ready to experience a scalable, professional-quality webcast solution that offers the ability to poll your audience, integrates into your CRM system, allows for screen sharing, custom branding and provides detailed event analytics, schedule a customized demo with our GlobalMeet Webcast product specialists to learn more!

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