5 Features You Need with Your Webcast Software

With so many webcast solutions on the market, it can be challenging for businesses to narrow down the best platform. Before making a decision, businesses should consider these five features as the must-haves for their webcast software.

Easy setup

Why make webcast setup harder than it has to be? Save teams time by choosing a webcast provider that offers a quick setup wizard.

Allows multiple presenters

If you ever need multiple presenters, don’t use a platform that limits webcast events to only one host. Use a webcast software that can stream audio and video from multiple presenters.

Won’t strain your network

One of the worst-case scenarios is for attendees to see a lag in video performance. Webcast software not only needs to provide high-quality video output, but it should also alleviate network interruption.

Consider high-bandwidth and behind-the-firewall video streaming features to ensure the network used for the webcast doesn’t buckle.

Robust reporting

Look for a webcast software that captures data before and after every webcast event. This gives businesses concrete insight so they can evolve webcasts to be more effective.

Ready for a webcast solution that offers you these features and more? See a professional quality webcast software in action – schedule your webcast demo today!

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