Why Video Conferencing is an Enterprise Must-Have

Enterprises are frequently tasked with hosting meetings. Learn why video conferencing is an essential virtual meeting element for almost any enterprise web meeting.

Organize multiple video endpoints

Enterprise organizations typically host web meetings with presenters located in multiple physical settings. Multipoint video functionality can make video conferencing more engaging. In addition, it makes the virtual meeting more productive by furthering collaboration.

Easy connection for attendees in multiple rooms

Meetings that are designed to connect groups of attendees in multiple offices can be difficult to execute. However, connecting multiple rooms of attendees is a necessity for enterprises across the globe. Video conferencing offers a premium room connector feature called VRC (Virtual Room Connector). VRC takes enterprise room conferencing to the next level. Moreover, it is easy to set up and manage.

Integrate Microsoft Teams environments

Many enterprise-level organizations leverage a Microsoft Teams environment. These organizations can take advantage of joining and hosting web meetings that integrate with Microsoft Teams. This integration allows Microsoft Teams to thrive as they collaborate via video.

Secure, personalized meetings

Video conferencing gives enterprises the ability to discuss proprietary, company confidential information and keep it safe. Each meeting has personalized access, which protects the confidentiality of attendees and conversations during video conferencing.

Multiple language support

Global organizations often have teams that speak multiple languages. Video conferencing allows participants to communicate, but customize their virtual meeting interface for their native language. World-class web conferencing software offers localization.

Make informed business decisions

Some experts say that 90 percent of communication is nonverbal. By using video conferencing as a means to communicate with internal and external teams, enterprise professionals get better insight into nonverbal queues. By gaining visual insight into meetings, participants are absorbing the conversation and enterprise professionals can make more informed decisions.

Video conferencing gains for your enterprise

Your enterprise can experience the benefits of video conferencing by activating your free 14-day trial. Take your video conferencing to new heights.

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