3 Web Meeting Tactics to Maximize Attendee Engagement

User experience (UX) can significantly make or break the success of a web meeting. To support attendees, web meetings need to keep audiences equally interested and engaged. Check out these three web conferencing tactics that especially maximize attendee engagement.

Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Internal teams often connect through accessible web meetings. According to CEB, 60 percent of employees consult with at least 10 colleagues each day to get their jobs done. Internal teams need to stay engaged as they generally share important meeting details.

Microsoft Teams helps coworkers collaborate and takes teamwork to the next level. Consider GlobalMeet for Microsoft Teams integration to enhance the employee meeting experience.

Easy access for mobile devices

When hosting a web meeting, it is important to offer a platform that can support attendees that are accessing the meeting on the go. Web conferences must take into account that attendees may also use their mobile devices for work purposes. Make sure that your platform is optimized for mobile.

Provide a user-friendly interface web meeting platform

UX should allow users to easily locate product features. Particularly, the platform should allow them to achieve their end goals. What’s more, an easy-to-use web meeting platform prevents attendees from unnecessary distractions.

Are you ready to maximize attendee engagement for your web meetings? You need to implement an intuitive conferencing solution that empowers you to deliver a well-rounded meeting experience. Get started with a free GlobalMeet trial today!

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