How Your Business Benefits from Detailed Webinar Analytics

Businesses can gain beneficial information from data that stems from webinar setup. The right webinar platform allows businesses to acquire webinar data from before, during and after the event. By analyzing data, your enterprise can uncover insights that support smart business decisions. See how detailed webinar analytics can benefit your enterprise.

Robust webinar reporting

By using a webinar solution that offers detailed reporting, enterprises can use the reports to incrementally improve future webinar events. Therefore, enterprises should seek out a webinar solution that offers comprehensive reporting.

For example, a convenient feature is having the ability to download webinar reports to Microsoft Excel. In addition, report customization allows enterprises to isolate specific information. By creating reporting filters, enterprises can save time and gain access to precise data. Enterprises can also easily establish a reporting cadence by setting subscriptions for automatically generated reports.

Track critical webinar data

The main benefit of webinar analytics is that they allow you to measure success at each point in the process. After the initial webinar setup, enterprises can easily capture event analytics.

Users can collect meaningful webinar data from several areas. This includes tracking conversion rates from registration to viewer and webinar event email tracking, attendance, Q&A sessions and viewing durations.

Webinar event notifications

Access to the most recent webinar data makes all of the difference. GlobalMeet Webinar offers 24-7 access to webinar event data to ensure your enterprise is aware of current information. It also provides automatic notifications for updated webinar event analytics.

Webinar Analytics support with PGi

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Webinar solutions such as GlobalMeet Webinar help businesses track analytics and share report results across their enterprise. Schedule a webinar demo to learn more or visit

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