Make Your Business Stand Out with GlobalMeet

Conference calls are on the daily agenda for most enterprises. Wouldn’t it be great if conference calls could give your business a little pizzazz? You may not know it, but GlobalMeet offers some incredible tools that will take make you stand out.

Video Conference Calls

Some enterprises have yet to dive into the exciting world of video conference calls. Setting up a video conference call doesn’t have to be a big fuss. As a matter of fact, video conferencing can make participants feel warm and fuzzy just by seeing some new or familiar faces.

Video conferencing is easy with GlobalMeet software. By giving your team the power to connect visually, you are showing participants that you are eager to connect. This level of engagement shows participants that your business is dedicated to a personal connection.

Video conference calls help internal teams feel more cohesive. Moreover, it presents a united front for external attendees. In short, your business will stand out.

Operator Assisted Conference Calls

It’s all-hands-on-deck when hosting a conference call with top executives, investors or board members. Show the crème de la crème of the meeting that you can deliver a hassle-free meeting. Don’t waste your precious resources to mediate the meeting. By setting up an operator-assisted conference call, you will wow key players with a top-notch meeting experience.

GlobalMeet Op Assist provides event experts that elevate your conference calls to a streamlined, professional atmosphere. With GlobalMeet Op Assist, dedicated event specialists are with you every step of the way: before the event, during the call, and after the event. They can help with rehearsals, moderating the call, transcripts and much more.

Operator assistance with conference calls creates an interruption-free meeting experience. Maintaining the flow of your conference call helps participants focus in on your most paramount content. Moreover, you will leave a long-standing, positive impression with your conference call attendees.

Next steps

With GlobalMeet, you can take your conference call game to the next level. GlobalMeet is a powerful web conferencing solution that helps you stand out against your competitors.

Are you ready to help your teams put a friendly face to your brand? Take a moment to request your free GlobalMeet video conferencing demo.

Do you need professional operators to help manage your important events? Connect with a GlobalMeet Event Specialist today!

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