4 Ways to Streamline Your Webcast Setup

Regardless of how technologically savvy you are, the individual components of your webcast setup can be overwhelming. With the help of these four tips, your business will be well on its way to streamlining its webcast setup.

1. Take a webcast hardware inventory

Webcast events require several types of hardware. This includes a computer, camera and audio equipment. After you select a computer to host the webcast, take note of your operating system and basic hardware configuration (ram, processors, hard drive space). You may need to know these computer details later for other decisions. If you don’t have built-in cameras or microphone, start exploring those external devices after you have your webcast software.

2. Explore webcast software

The ease of your webcast setup relies heavily on your webcast platform. Take a few points into consideration when choosing the best webcast platform to fit your needs. First, you need to evaluate the ease of initial setup. Try to avoid webcast platforms that require timely downloads or clunky plugins – it also makes it inconvenient for participants of future webcast events.

Secondly, not all webcast software is created equal, so you’ll want to research the pros and cons of each webcast platform. Finally, consider initial setup fees, hidden charges and incremental costs to make sure your webcast software is a sound investment that also fits your budget.

3. Seek out webcast service providers

When push comes to shove, you may need a webcast software that includes service options. Service providers can take the lead on your webcast setup. In addition, service support can come in handy for hosting future webcast events.

4. Evaluate your network

When setting up your webcast, you need a network that meets or exceeds your webcast software minimum requirements. You can obtain this information from your internet service provider (ISP) or run independent speed tests to ensure your network is up to par. By evaluating your network before your webcast setup, you can contact your ISP to make any changes. Also, you can avoid network issues that may bog down your webcast setup.

Streamlining your webcast setup starts with a webcast platform that has all the bells and whistles that you need. Schedule you free GlobalMeet Webcast demo today to learn more!

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