4 Webcasts That Are Creating a Buzz

Webcasts can be leveraged in many ways to promote businesses of all shapes and sizes. Some businesses are breaking ground by using their webcast platform to deliver unique experiences. Your business can use these strategies to diversify how you use webcasts. Check out these examples of how businesses are using webcasts to get others talking.

1. Bob Weir & Wolf Bros

From concerts to trade shows, webcasts can be a fun way to promote your live event. Webcasts give you the ability to broadcast from anywhere. This opens the door to promote your business with boundless possibilities. Musical artists like Bob Weir & Wolf Bros have used webcasts to promote their live shows. Webcasts are an excellent way to show off what you can do.

2. Achieve Life Sciences

If your business is hosting an awards ceremony, banquet or another special event, you can use a webcast to include people that are unable to physically attend. When your webcast platform offers HD video streaming, the quality of the broadcast will make attendees feel like they are a part of the event. For example, Achieve Life Sciences, shared a webcast of their recent Oppenheimer’s 29th Annual Healthcare Conference presentation.

3. Iowa State University Master Gardeners

Many businesses know that webcasts can serve as an educational tool. Has your business thought about using it for educational credit? You can use webcasts for internal teams to rack up training hours. In addition, you can offer webcasts to employees or customers that need training.

An intuitive webcast platform offers interactive educational tools. You can engage others with audio and visual elements that stimulate learning. Iowa State University is using webcasts for students to gain educational hours by offering credits through a webcast platform.

4. Great Outdoors

Sometimes seeing is believing. But it can be a challenge for people to see what makes your business unique. If your business offers an in-person experience, attracting customers can be a challenge. Why limit yourself in how you promote your business? Show your customers what they need to experience. Great Outdoors is taking this idea to heart by offering live webcasts that show off the beauty of the Yellowstone ecosystem.

These examples are just a few of the ways that webcast events can help promote your business while educating and entertaining others. GlobalMeet can help your company create a buzz with its professional webcasting software and services. With access to this cloud-based SaaS webcast platform, the broadcasting possibilities are endless.

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