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5 Ways Modern Enterprises Can Use Webcasting Software

Have you considered how versatile and effective your business is with your webcast software? Modern enterprises need to know about these five innovative ways that they can leverage webcasting software.

1. Unify new hire training

Consistency with new employees is an important goal for HR teams. Webcasts are a viable tool to ensure that employee onboarding goes off without a hitch. For example, a webcast event can unify training for new employees working in multiple locations. Whether new hires work out of multiple offices or telecommute, HR teams can bring everyone together by hosting a live webcast.

2. Update teams on benefits

When employee benefit offerings change, enterprise organizations are tasked with disseminating the important details to broad teams. In most cases, an email doesn’t do the trick – email updates are impersonal and can be scrutinized to the point of confusion.

Webcasts allow you to allocate HR teams effectively. By hosting a webcast, they will spend less time communicating out information. Why should they spend countless hours combing through dozens of emails from employees asking for clarity on benefits?

When you need to update teams on benefits, your webcast software stands out as your most valuable communication tool. HR teams can host a live webcast event that addresses the changes. In addition, you can save time by offering Q&A sessions that will answer several questions for all attendees simultaneously. Most importantly, it keeps your teams engaged while learning about their updated benefits.

3. Deliver training

A webcast event is an excellent complement to employee training. Use webcasts to deliver training across your enterprise. Specifically, webcasts come in handy when you need to share out details on offering a new product, service or implementing new processes. Rather than asking employees to read lengthy information, use webcasts to provide employees with interactive training. By offering a high-profile training event, you can drive awareness for all of the new details that employees need.

4. Share exciting info with your target market

Live events are an excellent way to get your customers excited about your business. Especially when you have new information to share with your target market. Use your webcast software to broadcast a global event for your clients. Announce new products, services or features to get your audience pumped.

5. Broadcast town hall events

Is your enterprise hosting a town hall event? If so, take it a step further by broadcasting the event as a live webcast. Make your audience feel like they are right beside you by promoting your event on a global scale. In the same vein, you can engage webcast attendees with live polls, and social media feeds.

For these reasons and beyond, your enterprise can’t afford to miss out on a professional quality webcast software.

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