5 Webinar Scheduling Strategies for Any Business

Launching a successful webinar is about much more than the content that is delivered during your webinar event. Even the most well-crafted webinar will fall on deaf ears without a solid webinar setup plan. These five scheduling strategies will help your business maximize your success.

1. Use reporting tools

Webinar reporting and analytic tools help businesses gain insights from previous events. Use webinar reporting and data analytics to determine sweet spots for registration and attendance to help you narrow down scheduling your next event.

2. Schedule event dates in advance

With so many virtual meetings and business events going on day-to-day, registrants need advance notice to plan their workday. By scheduling webinar dates in advance, you can campaign early. More importantly, potential registrants can save the date, making it easier for your webinar to be a priority on their schedule.

3. Consider national holidays

It can be easy to miss mass scheduling conflicts when planning virtual meetings. Scheduling a webinar event close to or on a national holiday can be an embarrassing faux pas. Make sure you check national holiday dates to ensure you host your event on a typical working day.

4. Evaluate the time of day

Depending on your target audience, time of day can either drive or deter webinar attendance. While it’s impossible to accommodate time constraints for all of your attendees, you can make it convenient for most of them. Consider the time zones for the majority of people that plan to attend your webinar event. If you host a domestic webinar, avoid cultural commonality times such as lunch breaks or the end of the workday.

5. Create reminders

The business world is fast paced, and sometimes it’s easy for people to miss a webinar event. Setup reminders that not only restate the time and date of the event but make it easy for them to keep track of it. Send a calendar invitation or an email with event details. In the same token, visual reminders about the webinar event may also trigger potential registrants to sign up.

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