Simplifying the Sharing Experience: New File Presentation Available in GlobalMeet

Are you looking for a faster and more clear way to share and present files during a meeting? GlobalMeet has rolled out brand new storage capabilities with support for PDFs, PowerPoint and Microsoft Office files. Read on for a quick preview of File presentation and learn how you can use it, and why it benefits your business.

What is File Presentation?

GlobalMeet’s file presentation expands how presenters store and use files during a meeting. Forget about searching a file directory for a document and simply send, store and present files within GlobalMeet. In addition, file presentation offers presenter notes functionality and expanded mobile viewing capabilities.

How can I use File Presentation?

With file presentation, a presenter shares library files with meeting attendees instead of sharing their entire screen. Supported file types include PDF, PowerPoint, Word and Excel. This integration gives teams the ability to cohesively review and discuss important business files.

Better yet, all files are stored at a user level, meaning your files will always be available to you no matter which GlobalMeet room you join!

  • Share the meeting notes with all presenters. GlobalMeet presenters can promote other attendees who can view meeting notes, control slides and start or stop a presentation.
  • Forget about that sensitive email subject line or personal IM being broadcast to other meeting participants. When you are sharing from the GlobalMeet file library, other onscreen notifications or pop-ups do not appear.
  • Easily manage participants, respond to chats, and see who is asking questions from one monitor while presenting
  • Keep important files secure. Stored files within this feature are GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. This means that files are protected regardless of which room the user is in when they upload their files.

How does File Presentation benefit my business?

GlobalMeet delivers crystal clear video and industry-leading audio to meetings. In that same vein, vector-based rendering technology offers an even sharper image, that remains clear on the screen for attendees’ event when zooming in. File presentation allows you seamless navigate meetings and look your best.

Check out the file presentation feature by starting your free GlobalMeet trial today!

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