Transform Your Business with Unified Communications

GlobalMeet introduces a new unified communications as a service (UCaaS) offering and additional enhancements to transform your meetings. What does this mean for your business? Read more to find out.

Exceed expectations for internal and external customers

Whether you are hosting online meetings for internal or external participants, everyone wants a seamless experience. UCaaS offers voice capabilities that showcase enterprise-quality voice communications that enhance the customer experience. By implementing UCaaS to replace outdated phone systems, your business will consolidate communications into a unified customer experience.

Improve communication before and after meetings

In the same vein of new UCaaS functionality, GlobalMeet is also offering additional smart collaboration enhancements that boost how teams communicate both before and after meetings. These enhancements save teams time and improve productivity.

  • Active Directory Integrations with Office 365 deliver calendar awareness. Meeting hosts can quickly identify who is in a meeting and manage absent participants efficiently.
  • Recording reminders appear to capture complex content and help hosts send post meeting recordings.
  • Live transcripts and meeting summaries allow viewers to quickly scan the content of a meeting for anything they may have missed, rather than listening to a full replay.

Drive collaboration during online meetings

The newest advancements of the GlobalMeet platform sets the stage for a comprehensive, collaborative approach to business communications.

Another exciting feature aimed at improving collaboration is the GlobalMeet widget. The GlobalMeet widget is a handy tool that is accessible when participants minimize the GlobalMeet screen. As they multitask during the meeting, they will still have access to useful GlobalMeet features and functionality.

Your business can take advantage of these powerful voice capabilities and much more with the upgraded GlobalMeet platform. See the full press release here and learn more about how UCaaS can transform the way you do business.

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