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Using Demand Gen and Webinars to Catapult Your Bottom Line

Regardless of your level of expertise with demand generation, you should be aware of its trends in 2019. More importantly, your business can use demand generation to compliment your webinar strategy and grow revenue. Learn more about demand gen content, tools, priorities, and tactics that collectively strengthen your webinar ROI.

Demand Gen Priorities

Modern businesses struggle with their marketing strategy. The primary focus areas of Demand Generation can help your business overcome a variety of marketing hurdles.

How Demand Gen Drives Marketing

Firstly, by using Demand Gen your business can improve how they measure and analyze your target market. Secondly, the strategies that you will be exposed to will help improve your conversion rates and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Thirdly, it provides relevant information to help you expand your content library (including webinar content) to drive marketing campaigns.

Capture Quality Leads and Account Contacts

Sales teams can gain valuable Demand Generation information to improve account management and relationship sales. Demand Gen prioritizes collecting data that gives specific guidance on capturing quality leads. In the same light, webinars are considered one of the most successful methods of converting leads. What happens when you combine these two powerful forces? Simply put, your business will connect with valuable business contacts and drive sales.

Top Demand Gen Tactics

There are some key tactics presented by Demand Gen that you can directly apply to your webinar strategy. For example, when compared to other tactics, webinars are 58 percent most successful in converting leads. These two additional Demand Gen tactics help you land your target audience.

Focus your Webinar Content

Firstly, recent data provided by Demand Gen indicates that businesses want content targeted directly to their company. Keeping this in mind, your business can leverage webinars make content more accessible to your clients.

Use Webinars to Target Decision-Makers

Secondly, Demand Gen has recently shared detailed information on the types of webinar content that matters most to decision makers. Specifically, 76 percent of businesses surveyed by Demand Gen want content that speaks directly to their company. By considering insights provided by Demand Gen, your business can create more relevant webinar content.

Reshape your Webinars with Demand Gen

Consider Demand Generation as a tool to reshape how you use webinarsin your business. To gain a deeper understanding of Demand Gen and how you can integrate it in your webinar strategy, check out PGi’s webinar: Demand Gen Trends to Know in 2019.

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