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advantages of video conferencing in business

3 Collaboration Technology Features that IT Teams Need

Productivity often relies on how well IT teams can communicate with dispersed teams. IT professionals need to know about the advantages of video conferencing in business. By implementing powerful collaboration technology features, IT teams can streamline managing their operational tasks and maximize productivity across all channels. The following three collaboration technology features will do the trick.

1. Host Efficient Meetings with Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are key for IT professionals that want to run efficient meetings. GlobalMeet offers a choice between three types of rooms: Breakout, Huddle, and Room Connector.

Breakout Rooms are great for team collaboration and productivity. Need to run an impromptu meeting? Huddle Rooms offer IT teams quick setup and give attendees easy access to quality audio, video and screen sharing features. Trying to connect people dispersed in multiple locations? Room Connector takes your video conferencing room to an elevated level with quality presentation output.

2. Record Your Meetings

Sometimes the simplest features have the greatest benefit. With GlobalMeet, you can record meetings with just a click of a button. Use cloud storage to quickly save and access completed meetings. Use recorded meetings for reference or to streamline communication with dispersed teams.

Recording meetings can also come in handy when deploying product updates. IT teams can easily record and share important information.

3. Schedule Recurring Stand-Up Meetings

IT professionals are often challenged by sharing business-critical technical information. Stand-Up meetings help IT teams ensure they deliver consistent communication. By setting up recurring meetings, IT leaders can easily allocate dedicated time to sharing important updates with other teams.

With so many advantages of video conferencing in business, IT teams need an all-in-one video conference system that helps you do it. Connect teams with a conferencing platform that empowers them to collaborate cohesively. Sign up for GlobalMeet free today!

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