5 Business Critical Trends in the Hosted PBX Market

A unified communications (UC) platform is one of the best business developments for connecting teams across all channels. UC gives you the ability to stay connected with your employees, customers, and shareholders. As a compliment to establishing your UC strategy, learn about these five influential trends in the hosted PBX market.

1. Cloud-based phones

The days of traditional desk phones are falling to the wayside. Enterprises teams telecommute and work in offices all over the world. These businesses need tools to stay in touch on the go.

With a cloud-based phone system that supports both desk phones and mobile devices, businesses can enjoy modernized features such as text messaging, chat and HD video. GlobalMeet a provides unified communication as a service (UCaaS) offering that delivers these cloud-based phone capabilities directly from the cloud.

2. Mobile apps

Our fast-paced world relies on flexible communication. UCaaS solutions put productivity at the forefront. Your business can maximize productivity with a cloud-based phone system. Hosted PBX services are complemented by robust mobile apps. Drink in modern conveniences such as mobile messaging, group chat, texting, and calls.

3. Digital receptionist

Your business may not operate 24-7, but you need to be constantly accessible. Digital receptionist services allow you to capture important information at any time. Use it to create custom greetings based on time-of-day, business or holiday hours. In the same vein, make it easier for callers to reach specific contacts by routing calls via dial-by-name directory.

4. Virtual voicemail

Sorting through voicemails can be a pain. Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly scan voicemails? Virtual voicemail allows you to save time by filtering and isolating voice messages. Filter pressing calls directly to your inbox as either audio files or transcribed voicemail.

5. Customized hold time

Hold times during business calls are a mundane yet necessary component of phone communications. When hold times are extended, callers have an imminent fear of being disconnected from the call. Give callers the assurance that they are connected by playing custom messages or music during hold time. Hosted PBX services allow you to stream music and messages while your callers patiently remain on hold.

Ready to get started with a hosted PBX service that unifies the user experience in the cloud? Request your GlobalMeet demo today and redefine the way you work with UCaaS.

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