Admit It, You’re Multi-Tasking During Your Meetings

The hectic pace of the business world makes meeting engagement a challenge due to the rise of multi-tasking.

Learn more about the new Multi-Task Widget that intersects meeting-driven hosts and temptress prone participants at a happy medium.

How often do people multi-task?

GlobalMeet users know all too well that it can be tricky to keep their meeting participants engaged. According to a survey, 92 percent of information workers admitted to multitasking during meetings – with 41 percent going so far as claiming that do it often or all the time.

What happens as participants multi-task?

When participants multi-task, they often covertly put themselves on mute and minimize the meeting room. By flying under the radar, they work on other tasks until they are either called upon to speak or feel they need to interject important information.

When participants need to jump back into the meeting, they may go into a bit of a panic. First, they have quickly to search for the meeting window that they just minimized. Next, they have to seamlessly unmute themselves or they will embarrassingly begin talking while muted.

How can you remain productive and engaged?

The answer to driving participant engagement is simple: meet the Multi-Task Widget. The Multi-Task Widget acts as a miniature version of the meeting room. The widget conveniently appears on the participants desktop when the room is not in focus so they can freely work on other tasks, without losing sight of the meeting. As a result, participants can quickly and easily access key meeting controls when they are away from the meeting room, giving them the freedom to maximize their time and productivity.

What is the Multi-Task Widget?

We have taken the most valuable controls that live in a GlobalMeet room today and incorporated them into the Multi-Task Widget. This gives participants intuitive access to viewing the active talker and mute options. Participants can also show (maximize) the meeting room with a click of a button.

The Multi-Task Widget is just one beneficial feature in the GlobalMeet universe. GlobalMeet provides collaboration and meeting software that drives participant engagement. Learn more about the groundbreaking features that keep teams collaborating. Sign up for your free GlobalMeet account today!

Existing users, download the desktop application now to master the art of multi-tasking while staying engaged in your meetings!

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