Why Not Using UCaaS Could Be Costly to Small Businesses

With its expansive coverage and broad offerings, unified communications (UC) finds a natural home with enterprise-level businesses that need to connect global operations and thousands of employees working remotely. Rather than relying on multiple disparate services, a UC platform integrates voice, messaging, collaboration, and other features in a single integrated business communications solution.

Now, with the emergence of unified communications as a service, (UCaaS) the cloud-based business model expands its appeal within the small and medium business (SMB) market as well. SMBs that are not thinking about UCaaS are missing out on important benefits and cost savings that come with a SaaS unified communications platform. Here are some of the benefits of UCaaS that SMBs should not ignore.

Reduce capital costs

In the past, if SMBs wanted to upgrade their communication platform, they were looking at a potentially huge investment. Changing a phone system meant buying a new equipment and desk phones, not to mention paying experts to configure and maintain them. UCaaS enables SMBs to minimize the cost of ownership and offload significant capital expenditures to the provider. In addition, an employee who may spend many hours maintaining, supporting and troubleshooting equipment can be diverted to other tasks that support core business activities.

Minimize travel time and costs

If your customers are across the country or across the ocean, UC can help reduce travel expenses. While the first meeting with a customer out of state might require an in-person meeting, after that you can fulfill the need for face-to-face communication through the video conferencing capabilities of your UC system.

Reduced travel alone saves money. However, with the ability to respond to respond to customer needs and conduct business anytime and anywhere, your team becomes more productive and efficient, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and profitability.

Simplify hiring and training

A frequently overlooked benefit of implementing UCaaS is that it significantly expands an SMB’s talent pool. Employees in remote locations can work efficiently and collaboratively from anywhere, allowing employers to hire the best-available talent nationwide.

UCaaS makes the interviewing process easier and less costly. You can conduct face-to-face meetings with applicants who are remote without paying for travel in the earlier interviewing stages.

When it comes to training, regardless of where your employees are located, you can conduct regular training sessions over web or video conference and have everyone attend without having to accommodate travel schedules, book hotels, and provide meals.

Lower office space costs

One of the great things about a cloud-based communications solution is that it is accessible from any device with internet connectivity. When you have employees working remotely out of home offices or using co-working spaces, you may be able to reduce the overhead of a physical office while maintaining a professional company image. Small footprint offices can be extremely flexible for impromptu meetings or occasional get-togethers. The rest of the time your employees work from home or on the road with a UCaaS platform keeping them connected.

Make it easier to scale

UCaaS easily scales to match the ebb and flow of business. Administrators can quickly add and delete users and update features for groups or individual. As a result, companies can test a new market by opening a virtual office before investing in additional personnel and/or brick and mortar locations.

Cut the cost of deploying new services

Premise-based UC is often complex with servers and UC applications that need to be set up by specialized IT professionals. The natural versatility of the cloud-based applications means that SMBs can simply select the communication features they need and adjust the size and complexity of their strategy.

As small- and medium-sized businesses continue to compete with larger enterprises, any tool you can use that evens the playing field or provides a competitive advantage is worth evaluating. If you are an SMB, can you afford the cost of not moving to UCaaS? Get started with UCaaS today. 

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