4 Spicy Screen Sharing Suggestions for Online Conferencing

Using your online conference time to gather together and talk is only the first step in integrating your team across locations. To make your meeting even more productive and effective, start using screen sharing.

Incorporating screen sharing into your online conferences can not only keep your team members more engaged, but it can also help you optimize workflows and cut down on unnecessary follow-up emails.

Here are four of the best ways to share your screen in your next online meeting.

1. Show instead of telling

Keep your attendees engaged and interested by having them follow along as you go through the necessary steps of a new process. This can be much easier for visual learners on your team to follow and understand than a separate document with instructions. Showing new users how a platform looks helps to create familiarity so they don’t feel intimidated the first time they login.

2. Cover complex processes

It’s hard to cover all the steps of a process in a document without missing a required action. Instead of trying to write it all down, you can simply show everyone and record the session for later review. This way, members can go back and reference the major points discussed or shown so that during the call they have the ability to pay attention, contribute and ask questions.

3. Solve issues

In every team, there are bound to issues with new systems or technology. Instead of trying to troubleshoot these issues via phone or email, you can simply use the screen sharing feature so you can observe where the issue is and offer suggestions to correct it. This will save time in the long run for yourself and for your employees.

4. Choose which screen to share

If you’re a multi-tasker or like to take notes while in a meeting, choosing which parts of your screen to share lets you continue working on other tasks while displaying only what you want to show. This allows you to also have privacy during the meeting while still sharing the relevant content.

If you’re looking for the right platform to bring your team together across time zones and varied locations, GlobalMeet Collaboration incorporates all the features you need into an intuitive, easy to use tool.

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