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4 Surprising Ways Video Conferencing Can Help You Connect With Your Team

If you’ve only been using video conferencing for the occasional check-in with clients, there are plenty of additional ways to use this versatile tool. Incorporating video conferencing into your daily or weekly routine can shake up your meetings, streamline your decision-making process, and help your team members feel more engaged with each other.

Here are some of the top ways to use video conferencing to unite your team members.

1. Have one on one check-ins with team members

While some teams only use video conferencing to hold large meetings, you can also use this technology for one-on-one check-ins with team members in another physical location. This creates more of a connection than simple email exchanges or phone calls.

2. Review proposals and design elements together

It can be hard to explain your questions or changes about a proposal or new design over the phone. Collaborating over a conference with simultaneous screen share allows you to point out any issues so there is no confusion or back and forth over email. This streamlines the design process and cuts time off how long it takes to get new proposals out to potential clients.

3. Use video interviews to meet potential new hires

An important part of hiring a new team member is their chemistry with the people you already have onboard. Meeting them via video allows everyone to make a clear first impression and get a feeling for the candidate’s personality, sense of humor and composure in front of others. These are all important facets of the person’s ability to work with your team and clients.

4. Engage with offsite team members daily or weekly

While employees enjoy the perks of working remotely, they can also end up feeling distant from the rest of the team. Having a meeting with the whole team regularly is a good way to help everyone feel unified and connected to each other.

Incorporating a video conferencing tool like GlobalMeet Collaboration into your office routine can help unify your team no matter where they are physically located.

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