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4 Ways Your Collaboration Platform Is Negating Productivity

When businesses are shopping for a team collaboration platform, user experience isn’t always the main priority. Nevertheless, without considering the essential features your employees need to succeed, your investment will almost always miss the mark.

Take your team’s needs and concerns seriously and you’ll avoid countless missteps along the way. Consider these four reasons why collaboration platforms can ruin employee experience and productivity.

1. Poor design

The design of any platform you use every day should be sharp and sensible. The features should be set up to offer convenient functionality. Your platform should also allow for and elicit user feedback to evolve tools and improve user efficiency and productivity whenever possible.

2. Access is not mobile friendly

It’s easy to forget that internal and external teams use a variety of devices to collaborate. Not everyone is on a desktop computer or in an office. Many employees use their mobile devices for meetings and multi-tasking during work hours. These employees need mobile access to your collaboration platform. Without offering multi-device versions of your site, employees will be forced to work in ways that slow them down or disallow work on the go.

3. Lack of functionality

Nothing is more frustrating to employees than when software tools can’t do what is required of them. For example, employees feel like their hands are tied when functionality is limited while hosting a meeting or conference call. When employees feel restricted by the solution, eventually they will just stop using it. As a result, your business just lost the confidence of your workforce, along with the investment you made in those tools.

4. Hard to use

Software is only effective when it is easy to use. Ease of use depends on software providers who care about designing software tailored for elevating the user experience. When employees can’t intuitively navigate the software, they’re unproductive. They will eventually give up on figuring out what to do. Tasks will fall to the wayside and employees will complain about the solution while they wait for improvements.

If your employees are struggling with your current collaboration platform, it may be for these reasons or more. Learn more about why your collaboration platform is not up to par and avoid these pitfalls moving forward.

If these gripes sound familiar and you’re ready to make a change, take steps to update your platform today and sign up for GlobalMeet Collaboration.

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