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Extend the Life of Your Webcast With Automated Transcriptions

Does it feel like your webcasts aren’t reaching their maximum potential? Do you need a better way to engage your audience and make it easier for them to follow your presentation? The newest enhancements to GlobalMeet Webcast could be the answer.

Increase Your Productivity At Work

As part of the company’s larger initiative to help customers regain lost time and productivity, PGi rolled out new upgrades to GlobalMeet Webcast that take the guesswork out of building and managing useful web streaming presentations. Using speech recognition tools and artificial intelligence, GlobalMeet Webcast can now produce automated, searchable transcripts of webcast content.

Live webcasts can be nerve wracking. But new features that include dynamic layout options help make your presentation more engaging and valuable to listeners. In addition, the new event script builder lets you put your mind at ease and script your presentation in advance. Used in combination, these tools allow you to focus on a seamless, dynamic delivery and help create a better web streaming experience overall.

Make Webcast Content Accessible with Transcriptions

Transcription tools make it easy to expand the reach and audience of your webcast by making the information available in different formats. With the content of your webcast automatically transcribed and a hot topic word cloud, listeners can quickly and easily access information relevant to them.

“Many of our customers are looking to turn audio or video recordings into usable text documents, and event transcriptions deliver a great way for companies to repurpose and extend the life of existing web streaming content”, said Pat Harper, Chief Technology Officer at PGi.

To further your reach, internal team can take transcripts and repackage them for their own initiatives. For example, the marketing team can use the transcription as the foundation for a variety of follow-up pieces, such as blogs, checklists or eBooks to support prospect follow-up. HR teams can package employee webcast updates together into a comprehensive manual or onboarding packet to help spread understanding of the company while improving transparency.

Ready to put webcast transcriptions to use?

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