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Hold Music Takes the Sting Out of Waiting

Enterprises across the globe play hold music for callers in order to diminish the perception of long wait times. Hold music can also add a professional tone (see what we did there?) to your business communications.

Although hold music offers many advantages, you need to be mindful of making appropriate choices for your callers. Why is this so important, and how do you know which music to pick?

Why Hold Music Matters

Hold music is much more than a simple tune to play for callers. We can all agree that having music is a more pleasant experience than just listening to dead silence; however, it is important to note that hold music can also be a personalized communication. Because of this element, the thought you put into your music selection shows callers that you care about their time. Hold music reassures callers that they are still connected on the call. In addition, it entertains callers by making the hold time feel shorter.

Studies discovered that customers who are put on hold without background music thought a 30-second wait lasted 90 seconds. Customers who listened to hold music thought a 30-second wait lasted just 15 seconds.

How to Narrow Down Your Music

When deciding a genre of music to play, the most important consideration is knowing your audience. Once you narrow down who your callers are, you can conduct or search for market research to help narrow down what type of music you should play.

Remember that the music you stream to your callers helps set the tone for how they feel. For example, if you run a series of retail stores targeted at teen youth, you may want to play modern, upbeat music. On the other hand, if your company is a national law firm, you may want to play more relaxing music (such as jazz).

A Robust Music Mix is Your Friend

After you’ve selected music to play, keep in mind that variety is the spice of life. You want to keep the variance in what you callers hear to keep them from getting bored or agitated.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? You can surprise and delight callers with a custom message.

Lack of variety can actually have the opposite effect of what hold music should accomplish – repetitive or incomplete consideration of the music can actually create the perception that you did not fully consider the caller experience. Nothing is fun about hearing the same songs on repeat while you are waiting to speak to someone.

A Music Playlist is a Perfect Compliment

A music playlist can make or break the caller experience. The length of your playlist should correlate with the average hold time for callers. For example, if your average hold time is close to 30 minutes, your playlist needs to be more than two or three songs – it needs to have enough variety to eliminate the risk of the caller hearing the same song.

With hundreds of songs provided in a streaming service, being bored while on hold will be a thing of the past.

Are you looking for a platform that gives your callers the experience they deserve? GlobalMeet doesn’t just offer a robust cloud phone system at your fingertips; it also gives you the ability to personalize the caller experience by playing custom messages or streaming music curated for the telecom industry while callers are on hold.

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