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Home on the Go: Get the Most Out of GlobalMeet Collaboration

PGi is always looking for ways to elevate productivity and communication at your company – and on the go. Check out GlobalMeet’s new smart collaboration tools and new pricing model that will have you saying, home sweet home.

Host virtual meetings for free

GlobalMeet Collaboration is now available for free. This allows businesses to host unlimited feature-rich video meetings. Yes, you read that right – you now have access to GlobalMeet Collaboration, the all-in-one conferencing solution, to host highly polished meetings without an enterprise budget.

For customers with more complex requirements, the full GlobalMeet suite offers advanced meeting features and tools.

Modernized planning for a productive work day

Regardless of your industry, meetings are a regular part on the day to day. In fact, research from Bain & Company states that companies and executives are spending up to 15% of an organization’s collective time in meetings, and that percentage has been increasing since 2008. 

A major component of smart collaboration is the ability to plan, organize and prioritize your workday. GlobalMeet just made it easier for users to get a jumpstart on their day with the new ‘Home’ functionality.

GlobalMeet Collaboration now gives users a unified calendar experience on the Home tab to help them to manage their workday. Home integrates with Active Directory and Outlook to deliver automated calendar management.

The Home tab now displays after a user launches the GlobalMeet desktop or mobile iOS app(Current users, make sure you are on the latest version!) Conveniently located on the left-hand side of the app, users can plan their workday by quickly displaying upcoming meetings, easily identifying times when they’re available and joining upcoming meetings with just one click.

Single Sign-On eliminates password fatigue

When Single Sign-On is enabled for an organization, it allows our customers to implement and use their own SAML provider to enable users access to GlobalMeet Collaboration using their corporate employee credentials (email + password).

Security is a key. SAML provides a single point of authentication allowing our customers to control and manage usernames and passwords as they see fit. It also improves the customer experience allowing for a faster and better experience. A user no longer needs to remember separate passwords!

If you’re ready to take GlobalMeet Collaboration out for a spin, sign up for free now!

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