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Please the Crowd with Cloud PBX

Traditional business meetings can be a bore. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can energize internal and external teams by going beyond the traditional meeting experience. Incorporating even a few unified communications as a service (UCaaS) features can improve productivity and communication. Read on to learn more about these crowd-pleasing, enterprise-grade cloud PBX features.

Streamline reachability on multiple phones

Staying connected with important business contacts is a critical function. Cloud PBX allows you to use the same phone number to receive or place a call on multiple devices to streamline communication.

For example, you can use the same phone number for both office phone and smartphone. When someone calls the designated phone number, both the desk phone and smartphone will ring.

This convenient, flexible feature gives you the ability to answer the incoming call on either device. In addition, you can also transfer calls between the two devices without interruption during your conversation.

Voicemail at a glance

You don’t have to limit yourself to listening to a voicemail to get the message. Want to take voicemail up a notch? Visual voicemail gives teams the ability to receive voicemails directly to their business inbox as audio files or transcriptions.

Progressive collaboration

UCaaS offers much more than just a cloud-based phone system. Advanced features empower teams to progressively collaborate during meetings, large events, webinars and more.

During meetings, webinars or events, teams have to collaborate on multiple levels. While actively listening and speaking, capturing information (e.g. key contacts, next steps, “future reference” material) can be just as important as the conversation.

UCaaS helps teams rest assured that they can fall back on call recording, so they keep up with the conversation and take notes. Instant, easy to use call recording guarantees that teams retain what they need. It also gives teams a chance to save calls for on-demand access, note-taking, and reference.

Feature-rich apps

When you start exploring smartphone cloud PBX apps, you will quickly discover that not all apps are created equal. GlobalMeet provides a robust smartphone app that compliments the energy of your employees, customers, and shareholders.

Your smartphone app should offer productive features that keep everyone connected while they’re on the go. App features such as mobile messaging, group chat and texting keep everyone on their toes. Any UCaaS app you use should be compatible with both iOS and Android.

Don’t put off using these cloud PBX features to strengthen your teams. These tools can transform teams by connecting them through advanced UCaaS and collaboration tools. Take advantage of the newest business communication features and request your free GlobalMeet demo today.

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