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How Do You Tell Your Story?

One sure-fire way to keep your audience engaged during a business webinar is to deliver a professional quality webinar that delivers a compelling story. And the platform you choose should enhance your ability to capture your audience’s attention with a story.

Not sure how storytelling for your business and webinar events can go hand in hand? No need to rack your brain. Here are some easy ideas.

Product Launch Webinars

One exciting way to get audiences amped up about your latest and greatest invention is to host a product webinar. You can tell one or more stories during this webinar, for instance:

  • Show a short video clip of the product production
  • Invite a product designer to discuss the vision of the new product
  • Share a story from an implementation specialist who has experience with the product

Keep in mind that a webinar is an excellent opportunity to incorporate internal visuals that showcase the unique features of your new product.

Lead Generation Webinars

It never hurts to come up with groundbreaking techniques to acquire new leads for your business. Webinars can be a bridge to closing stalled deals or showing prospects the value that your products and services offer.

To effectively determine topics that would appeal to your clients, connect with your sales teams. They can share insight for the following areas that will help you narrow down webinar ideas:

  • Common objections raised by prospects
  • Complex information that needs to be clear for new clients
  • Top pain points and challenges that is solved by your products and services

By putting the answers to these questions in your lead generation webinars, your sales teams can overcome objections and avoid losing pipeline due to failure to address these important concepts to prospective leads.

Thought Leadership Panel Webinars

If your business is recognized as an expert in its field, webinars led by thought leaders can be a win for your webinar strategy. For example, use internal or external subject matter experts to share their insight with a relevant audience.

Similarly, you could offer a thought leadership panel webinar to discuss one or more of the following focus areas:

  • Controversial or competing industry topics
  • Discussion surrounding popular client feedback on social media
  • Leadership interviews
  • Q&A topics from your business website or social media outlets

Offer On Demand Webinars

Regardless of your webinar scheduling strategy, things come up and people will not always be able to attend live webinars.  Don’t give up on the people who didn’t join your event! Wouldn’t it be great if people could quickly view your past webinar events anytime, anywhere they want as on-demand videos?

According to Adobe’s study on Webinar Engagement, only 36% of registrants actually watch the live webinar. But, 55% of registrants viewed webinar recordings.

You can use on-demand videos to share company news by telling them in a story format during your webinar events. Some on-demand videos topics may include:

  • About us (company overview)
  • Online courses
  • Customer testimonials

Tip: GlobalMeet Webinar offers unlimited cloud storage for on-demand recordings, which can come in handy.

Are you ready to tell your story with GlobalMeet Webcast? You can start hosting professional-quality webinars without cutting through a bunch of red tape – simply request your demo today!

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