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Topics to Address During a Company-Wide Webcast

One of the key parts of planning a company-wide webcast is deciding which topics to address. As you speak to the company, you want to be sure to speak to the questions on your employees’ minds in a diplomatic way and address any upcoming changes that may affect them. At the same time, it’s important to remember that a webcast is different than a webinar, and too much interaction with the audience can take the broadcast off topic.

Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, enterprise live streaming is designed to help you communicate a message to a crowd effectively. Here are some simple planning tips that can help the webcast go smoothly.

Compile a Clear Agenda for Your Webcast

Planning what you’ll talk about and how long you’ll address each topic will help keep the webcast on track and allow you to keep control of the process. This doesn’t mean you have to write out a whole script, as reading from a piece of paper will make your talking points seem less genuine to your audience. Write down bullet points or statistics you want to incorporate into your address to keep your webcast moving at an upbeat clip.

Include an Array of Topics

To keep all your listeners interested throughout the online broadcast, include a variety of topics in your webcast. You can source these topics from department heads, or ask employees to submit questions and issues via email before the webcast to help get an idea of what staff in each vertical are hoping you’ll address. Be sure to focus on all employees, not just those in the room.

Prepare for Audience Questions

While any webcast may leave listeners with questions, don’t feel pressured to address them all during the webcast. You can set up a chat feature or an email address to which employees can send questions to be addressed in a timely follow-up email.

Are you planning to take questions? Set up a microphone so questions can be heard clearly, eliminating back-and-forth as you try to clarify the question.

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