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4 Surprising Stats That Show the True Impact of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is increasingly more important in this day and age. Today, it’s touching more aspects of professionals’ lives than ever, from recruiting to contract negotiation. Want proof? Check out these surprising stats.

1. Connection is key

According to Gigaom, 87% of remote team members feel more connected to their team when they can use video conferencing. They also feel more connected to their process.

This stat matters because, although the ability to telecommute is a great way to retain employees, a poorly connected team really isn’t a team at all. 100% reliable and clear video conferencing is key if you want productive remote employees.

2. Remote work can mean more than a bigger paycheck

36% of employees would choose remote work over a pay raise.

That’s not all, either. 37% of tech professionals—among the highest-paid people in the world—would take a 10% pay cut in order to work from home. This is a staggering number that could dramatically change your profit margins. All it takes is a thoughtfully designed system that caters to remote work.

3. Video interviews are expected

We’ve also found that 66% of candidates prefer to use video conferencing as part of the recruitment process. The benefit goes both ways: using video can also help your recruiters get a better read on candidates and also cut travel costs and time.

On average, businesses that utilize web conferencing save 30% in travel expenses.

4. 89% of companies are doing it wrong

According to Owl Labs, 89% of companies are still using multiple video conferencing platforms.

This high number truly astounds us. Having different employees using different systems is so messy, and implementing a single streamlined solution is so simple!

You could pluck this low-hanging fruit right now.

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