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5 Bottlenecks Slowing Down Your Team

Out of the many ways PGi adds value, one of the biggest is not customer-facing. It’s the power of easily eliminating routine collaboration bottlenecks to get more done faster. Here are five bottlenecks that PGi can banish from your team with collaboration solutions.

1. Missing Team Member

“Is Alison joining this meeting…?”

How often have you heard (or said) that? During one meeting this isn’t a big deal, but company-wide, it can turn into thousands of hours of wasted time jumping back and forth between the meeting and your calendar.  By leveraging the Outlook integration with a modern collaboration setup, GlobalMeet can see who is missing from the meeting and alert hosts that they have absent guests. Calendar awareness allows meeting hosts quit wasting time by identifying who is in a meeting and managing absent participants more efficiently.

2. Phone Call Recap

“Can you repeat that…?”

During an ordinary phone call, taking notes can be time-consuming. But listening to the recording is often no better. Instead of listening or viewing a full meeting replay, live transcripts and meeting summaries allow viewers to quickly scan the content of a meeting for anything they may have missed.

3. Forgotten Tasks

“I’ll send out the recording after the meeting.”

When you hear that, you know that task is likely to get buried, right? Some employees are more organized than others but recording distribution offloads this burden. GlobalMeet recording reminders appear to ask the Host if they should record the meeting when screen share or file presentation is initiated, and help hosts send recordings after a meeting takes place.

4. Training the Masses

“I don’t know how to do that… can we meet on Tuesday so you can show me?”

Although a webinar platform is popular with customer-facing teams (think lead generation!) you can also use it internally to easily streamline training, making them accessible to everyone who needs it at the same time, no matter where they’re located. Even better, with archive functionality, teams can create and record presentations, creating centrally accessible, on-demand training videos.

5. Password Fatigue

“Sorry, I forgot my password.”

Almost nothing is as frustrating as a technological non-start during a meeting or having to wait for someone to reset their password to log into a conferencing platform. GlobalMeet provides Single Sign-On (SSO) so a company can enable quick and easy user access with employee credentials. Forget multiple passwords!

Across an organization, this simple fix can prevent hundreds of hours of wasted time on password rests and strengthen IT security by providing a single point of authentication.

Smart collaboration is PGi’s way of using data and AI to create insights and recommendations for our users to save them time. ​We built GlobalMeet to make users more productive. We’re looking to empower our customers and take some of the work away from them. ​​ Learn more today.

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