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A Business Case for Law Firm Collaboration

Online meeting tools have found a place in every industry, and law is no exception. In fact, there’s a new class of technology that suits the legal industry perfectly: enterprise collaboration.

Day-to-day work at a law firm involves editing documents, managing cases, client meetings, collaborating with colleagues, continuing legal education, business development, managing calendars, and logging hours. In a typical practice, this means people are using a cornucopia of document management, billing, calendaring, and communication tools. Doing work in so many disparate locations results in a lot of wasted time.

Enterprise Collaboration in a Nutshell

An enterprise collaboration platform pulls all your work together into a single, unified digital location.  Video conferencing, document sharing, and ongoing team conversations all happen using the same platform. You can securely store and access meeting records and corresponding information easily, without switching systems. You can also access documents and messages at any time via your desktop, laptop, and mobile.

How Law Firms Are Using Enterprise Collaboration Tools

Need to chat with a client, colleague, or a whole team? With one click, you can instantly your own simple and intuitive meeting room from any browser, on any device – and it’s equally easy whether you’re two people in one building or a dozen people across the world.

Need to collaborate on a document? Documents are securely stored and centralized. Therefore, there’s no need to root through different drives and servers.

Need to collect depositions from witnesses living in different cities? In the past, doing this would inevitably cost the firm a lot in travel expenses. On the other hand, secure cloud-based video conferencing software makes it possible to conduct video depositions from anywhere. These online meeting tools are also allowing firms to work with witnesses who aren’t able to travel for a trial and record meetings to review later in more detail.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to constantly switch between different systems for collaboration, video, calendaring, and document sharing. Instead, all this work can happen using a single collaboration platform used by the entire firm.

Trusted Legal Partner

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