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Using Modern HR Tools to Gamify Training Programs

Human resource (HR) teams are constantly challenged with balancing recruitment and developing talent. Whether your company is onboarding new hires or training longtime team members, you can make your training more interactive and effective with GlobalMeet human resource tools.

Have you ever wanted to make HR processes paperless? Wondering how you can gamify your onboarding and training programs?  See how dynamic HR communication tools can help your team succeed and engage employees at the emotional level.

Host Online Meetings for Onboarding

With a plethora of information to distribute, onboarding new employees can be a time consuming, stressful process. HR teams often have limited resources, making it difficult for them to consistently communicate important information to new hires.

Traditionally, HR teams had to prepare mountains of paperwork to handout during new employee onboarding. But now, the process has changed.

Companies are enhancing the new hire process by hosting online meetings for onboarding. Rather than providing employees stacks of information, you can eliminate paperwork and professionally welcome new employees. GlobalMeet Collaboration enables you to meet with up to 125 new hires at once.

Stream Employee Learning

Your company may have employees scattered across several offices or working remotely in various locations. Modern collaboration software now allows HR teams to stream and record training to reach current employees, wherever they are.

ComEd recently used webcasting software to rollout company-wide diversity and inclusion training. In addition to hosting live-training events, HR teams can leverage recordings to build a video library, similar to a corporate YouTube.

Additionally, Walmart began using gamification to deliver safety training for 5,000 associates in eight Walmart distribution centers. By gamifying safety training, Walmart tapped into the competitive nature of employees through badges and leaderboards yet more importantly, delivered impressive results. They saw a 54% decrease in safety incidents among the Walmart distribution centers using gamification.

Online human resource tools save companies time, money and resources while ensuring that every team member receives their required training and has fun while doing it.

Validate Training with a Digital Human Resource Tools

HR teams need to keep meticulous records to ensure all team members complete the required training. Why deal with paper-driven checklists and other manual processes that take up time? Not only can HR teams host informal training sessions, but they can also create a modern digital HR toolkit with GlobalMeet Webcast. Webcasts offer interactive polling, analytics, Q&A and more to keep employees engaged.

In addition, this digital HR toolkit makes it quick and easy to verify that teams have met all your training requirements. HR teams have access to in-depth activity metrics, or they can validate training for each employee. Gamify training by sharing a quiz that follows the training or create an acknowledgment certificate to verify that they watched your training video.

Are you ready to amp up your training and onboarding programs?

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