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Increase Transparency With Investor Relations Webcasts

Investor relations professionals, especially in large enterprises, are long-time champions of webcasts for delivering vital financial data and announcements to target audiences worldwide. Video is an ideal medium to give shareholders, potential investors, and financial analysts what they want. Think corporate transparency, realism, consistency, and timely, direct communication about the company’s business outlook.

But what does it take to have a truly effective investor relations (IR) team? A webcasting platform provides IR teams with the tools they need to create high-impact, interactive webcasts that inform and engage attendees. In addition to the primary presenter’s audio or video message, a webcast can include charts, graphics, prerecorded video clips, and PowerPoint presentations. Customizable tabs identify downloadable content such as the presentation deck and other major takeaways. Also included are player tabs for speaker bios, agendas, links to social media channels, and other webcast-related information.

Two-Way Communication Features Engage Attendees

Moderated Q&A. Attendees can submit questions for the event speaker to address.

In-event polls. Polling can give you the audience pulse on a given topic. Live polling also gathers a collective snapshot on specific questions or topics.

Surveys. Improve future webcasts with post-event surveys to capture attendee feedback and insights on your webcast. You can learn what people liked and disliked during the event, what worked well and where you can improve. Whether positive or negative, audience feedback is priceless.

On-Demand Webcasts Deliver Transparency Instantly

GlobalMeet Webcast records your live event and creates an archive version within minutes after the event is over. Stakeholders who could not attend the webcast can watch the recording at their leisure. Better yet, all the interactive webcast features remain intact for on-demand viewers.

Videos-on-demand are key to external outreach and internal communication. For example, it is common for companies to share recorded quarterly earnings calls to provide immediate executive messaging on the company’s performance or employee impact.

“More than anything else, there needs to be a consistent and seamless message across the organization. It’s not just what IR or the CEO or CFO says to investors, but what our communications team is saying to the media and how we’re conveying news to employees, what the sales and business units are saying to customers and vendors, etc. That takes a great deal of coordination and great partners in other functions of the company,” says Chris Jakubik of Kraft Foods.

Webcasts are an effective, cost-efficient way to keep investors, analysts, shareholders and interested parties up to date with transparent, two-way communication.

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