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Knockout Interviews with Effective HR Management Tools

Human resources teams know all too well that gearing up for the interview process can feel like a boxing match between them and human resource management tools. With so many rounds of interviews, you need a tool that gets you to the very end.

Round 1: Pick the Best Video Interviewing Tool

Whether you have already begun conducting online interviews or are new to video interviewing, you need to implement modern human resource management tools that make sense. Conducting online job interviews can save time and money, but you also need a tool that puts your business in the best light.

Accordingly to Deloitte, 78% of millennials state that they are strongly influenced by how innovative a company is when considering employers.

Avoid awkward glitches by selecting an easy to use software. Software fumbles could cause your company to look less polished, professional and cutting-edge.

In addition to hosting online video interviews, you can benefit from additional features found in robust HR communication tools. Evaluate online conferencing solutions based on HR management tools that can empower you to succeed.

Round 2: Pick Interview Questions

While video interviewing is becoming the new norm, it can still be new for some HR personnel. Teams must structure interview questions to give them insight into the person on the other end of the video, much like an in-person interview. Try out some tough questions to learn more information about the candidate and their thought processes:

  1. What critical feedback do you most often receive?
  2. How do you handle stress?
  3. Why should we hire you?

Round 3: Use Quality Video to Evaluate the Interviewee

The critical component in round 3 is choosing a software solution that has excellent quality video and crystal-clear audio. Clear video allows HR to identify and evaluate nonverbal cues just as if they were sitting face-to-face with the interviewee.

Final Round: Reference Interview Videos

One of the most unique benefits of conducting video job interviews is the ability to reference them later. HR teams can record and review interview videos to catch anything they may have missed the first time around. Additionally, they can share the video with staff who were unable to attend the meeting.

By using GlobalMeet Collaboration, you will have access to the HR management tools that help you get through each round of the interview process and provide immediate business impact.

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