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It’s Time to Embrace the Concept of ‘Work Wherever’

The idea that being present or collaborative is somehow tied to a location is an antiquated belief. In fact, organizations that buy into this way of thinking aren’t just showing they are behind the times, they are stifling their ability to move forward.

Stat after stat proves that the workforce is becoming more mobile and younger generations are interacting with technology differently than others. However, to move the conversation forward, we should focus less time on what studies show and more time exploring how to create an environment that fosters teams to collaborate regardless of their geographic location.

Wednesday is no longer just “hump day”

So, today we launch Work Wherever Wednesday. An opportunity for our team members to find where they perform their best work. Work Wherever Wednesday focuses on removing the barriers facing how organizations connect, tips to improve worker connections, and finding the ideal space. Whether it be the office, at a coffee shop, at home or somewhere else, we want to help employees deliver success for their team and their stakeholders — regardless of their location.

Wednesday is no longer just “hump day.” It is an opportunity for teams to take a step back. Refocus their work week. In today’s connected world, Work Wherever Wednesday isn’t an invitation to work from home, it’s an invitation to identify where you get the most done. It’s an opportunity to get in the zone and catch up on deliverables and plan for the rest of the week.

Work Wherever

Find your ideal work space and amplify these connectivity messages on social media. Use the hashtag #WorkWherever to share and learn from one another.

Employees are the early adopters of technology; they want to spend the time it takes to learn a new platform. Companies that do not empower their workforce risk losing their most valuable assets — their employees. The team in the trenches everyday knows what it takes to deliver. Often, it’s as simple as creating a culture that allows team members to continue their collaboration as they move from screen to screen and from one location to another.

There is a growing disconnect between how workers “feel” connected to their teams, their company, their peers and their clients. That is why I am championing this new program at PGi. One that brings internal teams together to discuss current connection needs. To highlight what a real work-life blend is and drive quality workplace connections to increase employees’ engagement.

Successful companies understand the changing workforce and are employing technology that meets employees where they are. More often than not, this is their mobile devices. As with so many issues facing organizations today, there is often an easy fix. It just takes the sagacity and the desire to allow it to happen. The companies that embrace the trend are the ones that will find themselves ahead of their competitors.

Join us as we celebrate this new initiative to empower employees. Where are you working this week? Get engaged on social with #WorkWherever.

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