How to Get the Maximum Mileage (a.k.a. ROI) From Your Webinar

A great webinar takes weeks, if not months, to plan and execute. How do you make sure it’s worth the resources you invest in? The key is to design multi-purpose webinars. A multi-purpose webinar can be repurposed, reused, and applied in a variety of contexts. Here’s how to make one!

Make Sure the Webinar Will Have a Long Shelf Life

You can do this by picking an evergreen topic—one that will remain relevant for a long time. This is important because while the average webinar has 148 attendees, many more people could end up watching the recording after the fact.

Although it can be tempting to comment on industry fads, your most valuable webinars will be the ones that are relevant not only to real-time attendees but also to on-demand viewers in the future.

Re-Purpose the Content

Don’t do more work than you need to. Take the thoughtful content you put into your webinar and transform into e-mail newsletter copy, whitepaper content, or a blog post.

Also, especially for B2B audiences, consider sending a designed and branded PDF to all registrants. That way, people who didn’t end up having time for the webinar can skim the highlights and enjoy positive visual interaction with your brand. Plus, you can re-emphasize the takeaways for those who did attend.

Ask Questions of Attendees (and Invite Them to Ask Questions of You)

Webinars are not a one-way street for distributing your insights to a passive audience. On the contrary, webinar attendees are among your most engaged prospective customers or fans, all gathered at the same time. Why not use this opportunity to do some market research? By asking relevant questions of your attendees, and inviting them to speak up about what matters to them, you can make your webinar serve two purposes: informing your audience about you and informing you about your audience.

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