Technology Isn’t a Catchphrase

I’ve talked a lot about how organizations must evaluate technology and deploy the solutions they believe will have the most significant impact on both their businesses and on their teams. They must decide how to implement technologies to advance effective enterprise communication and drive results.

Technology is Table Stakes for Staying Relevant

Technology must be viewed as more than a fad. Leveraged correctly, it empowers organizations to more confidently navigate an ever-expanding number of digital channels and touchpoints. All while creating relevant and enjoyable experiences for both employees and customers.

Customer Experience Currency

From the customer perspective, experiences must be authentic and tailored to their expectations. They judge organizations on their ability to meet and exceed their expectations. Since customer experience is the currency that matters, customers want communication to be immediate and contextual. They can and will judge businesses quickly on whether they meet or exceed those expectations.

Don’t Believe It?

Just consider that more than half (51%) of customers have switched companies because of a negative experience. Estimates indicate those unhappy customers cost U.S. businesses $537 billion a year, according to Vision Critical.

As the general public becomes more empowered and more knowledgeable, technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) can improve the experience for customers by using tools such as natural-language processing to understand human speech. The key is to make it personal. These tools already power “bots” to provide personalized and compelling customer experiences across channels and devices.

AI automates mundane processes and applies context and understanding to potentially complex interactions. It also ensures customers find the information they need quickly and helps employees deliver maximum value whenever and wherever they engage with customers.

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