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Yes, You Can Hear Me Now

Online meeting tools rely on audio conferencing capabilities to enhance collaboration, and the HD audio quality offered by GlobalMeet Collaboration with Dolby Voice will do just that. This dynamic duo enables teams to fully immerse themselves in their conferencing experience. Read on to learn how this fusion can be music to your ears.

The 411

You may have heard of it before but still ask yourself, what is Dolby audio? Dolby audio offers advanced audio technology that makes the voices on your online meetings crystal clear. It is the premier audio technology for business communications and conference calls.

How to Use

Dolby audio technology is integrated with GlobalMeet Collaboration which means that when GlobalMeet users start a meeting and connect audio, they will be using Dolby Voice.

High-quality Dolby audio offers several benefits, which result in better participant engagement and minimal distractions during the meeting leading to improved productivity.

Benefits of Dolby Voice

Dolby audio has a few benefits that make it nothing short of an industry standard for audio quality. Its standout features include noise suppression, echo cancellation, spatial voice audio, and improved voice clarity.

Noise Suppression

Dolby Voice offers enhanced audio clarity through HD audio and background noise suppression. By eliminating unintelligible conversation, everyone is happy not to have to ask, “Can you hear me now?” during conference calls.

Spatial Voice Audio

Spatial audio technology places voices in distinct locations around the listener, which heightens the natural sound of your conversations. In addition, it makes it easier to quickly recognize who is speaking. Collaboration is better when following the conversation is a seamless experience.

Improved Voice Clarity

Participation during online meetings can be tough with a mishmash of voices on the line. However, Dolby provides improved voice clarity making it easier and more comfortable for people to participate. You won’t have to worry about awkward silence since Dolby removes voice delays and other audio restrictions.

Now that you’ve heard how the quality of Dolby Voice brings you one step closer to in-person meetings, you can use it to enhance collaboration.

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