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5 Reasons to Start Recording Online Meetings in 2020

There’s an old debate about whether bosses should allow employees to record online meetings. We know which side of that debate we’re on. Not only should it be allowed, it should be encouraged!

At PGi, we’ve made it standard practice to record online meetings. The verdict is clear: it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made. Here’s why:

Undivided Attention

Total focus and attention is a precious resource. While you can never eliminate every distraction, we’ve found that when we record online meetings, team members have less of a need to take notes.

If you have to take meeting notes, staying current on the conversation is difficult. When team members aren’t worried about possibly forgetting something important that someone said, they’re more likely to be fully present. This makes for more productive meetings.

Less Re-Work

We store meeting recordings at a centrally-accessible location. Allow attendees to access recordings by simply providing a link instead of email around a large file. This makes it easy for everyone—whether or not they attended that particular meeting—to brush up on important information without having to ask team members to repeat themselves. Meeting recordings prevent unnecessary repetition.

record online meetings

Forget Scheduling Conflicts

Sometimes it’s just not possible to attend a meeting. Record online meetings to combat busy calendars.

Finding a time for a large group to join a meeting is nearly impossible these days. When you record online meetings, you can share the recordings with individuals who couldn’t make it due to scheduling conflicts.

Then, if there’s a five-minute section of the meeting that’s relevant to someone who wasn’t there, the team can always direct the person to that section of the recording.

Better Employee Performance

A recorded meeting can turn into a performance enhancer. When people know that they’re being recorded, they take the opportunity to say things that are worth recording. People give clearer and more useful explanations that can even become impromptu training material. People also tend to bring better ideas to the table.

Peaceful Resolution of Disputes

It’s much easier to resolve confusion or conflict related to a meeting when there’s an objective point of reference for what was said.

Ever question what was said during the discussion? Attendees can view the meeting recording for clarification. Providing the recording after your meeting helps increase transparency and keep everyone on the same page.

When you record online meetings routinely, all of these benefits begin to take effect organically. We think most companies can realize these great benefits by taking the same approach! Just remember to be transparent about recording meetings, since many countries and states have laws that govern the legality of recording people’s faces and voices.

If these productivity benefits sound enticing, start recording your online meetings today.

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